Parent and Community Support Services (PCSS)

From April 1st 2017 Children’s Centre provision is changing in Gloucestershire; targeted children’s services up to the age of eleven will now operate out of 16 Children and Family Centres across Gloucestershire. PATA, in partnership with Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC), are delivering the Parent and Community Support Service (PCSS) to support the 30 remaining children’s centres left in schools and libraries, with the aim to maintain a range of universal and family support services in local communities.

 PATA has two Early Years Community Support Workers (EYCSW), Sarah and Kate. They are working alongside community groups supporting them to sustain and grow early education; continue the existing provision and provide information and advice about running a successful early year’s group. This may include starting up a new parent and toddler group, helping to develop existing family sessions or providing support for parents to keep groups running. The EYCSW’s are helping groups organise and manage themselves initially; to maintain a healthy and safe environment and provide appropriate training and mentoring to support volunteers to develop skills and grow in confidence in delivering children’s activities and ideas.

 This project will have great benefits for children and families across the county; quality toddler groups will mean children enter their local playgroup or nursery with the skills gained in attending provision with good play opportunities, and parents will know the value of the positive effect those opportunities have on their child’s confidence, social skills and development, as well as the value in meeting other parents for peer support.


This project is run by Sarah Urquhart and Kate Beevers and supported by the office staff team.

This project is funded by Gloucestershire County Council and GRCC           

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